AGWM Responds to Double Disasters on Two Continents

AGWM has been very busy this year. It was a storm season much more active than in previous years, and different regions have been hit hard. Coupled with the global pandemic impact, it is clear this year presented many challenges to our volunteers. We’ve been focusing on relief efforts in the Philippines and Central America region where typhoons and hurricanes, respectively, caused a lot of damage. Our missionaries provided materiel such as baby supplies, hygiene products and other essentials.

Key Takeaways:

  • AGWM missionaries and national believers in each location are riding out the storms and their aftermath, while also serving as first responders to begin addressing overwhelming immediate needs.
  • An estimated 145 lives have been lost, and tens of thousands are displaced across Mexico, Panama, Honduras, Nicaragua, Guatemala, and El Salvador.
  • Mattresses for shelters, COVID rapid tests, and other essentials are needed for displaced people currently being sheltered with an attempt to keep pandemic patients separated from the unexposed.

““Please pray for the Philippines as so many communities across the islands struggle to recover from devastating floods,” Hartensveld says. “AGWM Relief is already responding with preliminary financial assistance to help with urgent needs.””

Read more: https://news.ag.org/News/AGWM-Responds-to-Double-Disasters-on-Two-Continents

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