Winning the battles of life.

Learn to Win the Battles of Life | Luke 11

Every person is engaged in battles of different kinds in life. Some battles are small and some are large. The reason that we’re involved in battles is that we have been born into a global war zone. The ultimate war on planet earth is between the forces of good (God) and the forces of evil (Satan). 

Every human being is either part of the kingdom of God or the kingdom of Satan, whether they recognize it or not. This global conflict does not just involve people, it also involves spiritual beings. The kingdom of God has spiritual warriors known as angels and the kingdom of Satan has spiritual warriors known as demons.

The result of the battle over you will determine your eternal destiny. God has created every human being with the power to choose which kingdom they will follow in this life and into eternity. 

My message, Winning the Battles of Life, looks at the teaching of Jesus concerning the three battles that we all face in life. The Scripture that we look at in the Gospel of Luke has Jesus’ most extensive teaching on our battle with Satan’s warriors, demons. You can learn more about how to win the battles you are facing by watching my message, Winning the Battles of Life.

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