Winning the battles of life.

Learn to Win the Battles of Life | Luke 11

Everyone person is involved in a battle between God and Satan and you are the target. In the message, we will study Jesus’ most extensive teaching on the operation of demons in the world. Learn how to win in the battle with demonic forces, human opposition and the battle within. You can win the battles of life with God’s help.…

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3 secrets for spiritual growth

3 Secrets of Spiritual Growth | Luke 11

Spiritual growth is an essential part of your relationship with God. In this message, we look at three secrets that Jesus reveals in Luke 10-11. Discover the connection between three sections in this passage. Jesus’ startling conclusion gives us the ultimate secret for spiritual growth.…

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Joy Comes by Welcoming the Lost Home | Luke 15

In this last story, the father corresponds to God the father. He never gives up on someone as long as they’re alive. The father serves as an example for us as to how we should welcome the lost into the family of God. The son stumbling up the road was not a pretty sight. But the father welcomed him with open arms. As the father waited, praying, anticipating, believing.…

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Joy Comes by Repentance | Luke 15

The eternal impact of one sinner repenting causes all of heaven rejoice. That joy that Jesus is talking about is available to every believer, simply by making a choice to rejoice. No matter how bad the circumstances in your life may be, you can rejoice because you are no longer lost, you have been found. You are part of the family of God, Jesus’ flock and He will always be your good shepherd. Lasting joy comes through repentance.…

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The Secret to a Joyful Life | Luke 15

Most people are pursuing happiness in their lives. However, happiness is a feeling dependent on outward circumstances which go up and down. God’s Word tells us about the possibility of having a joy that is not dependent on external circumstances, it is a joy that comes through a relationship with Jesus Christ.

This joy can enable you to rejoice no matter what trials you may be going through in life. Once you have this joy, you will desire to spread it to others who are lost, but are longing to be found and have a joyful life.…

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