Take Authority over Satan’s Power | Luke 10

Jesus had told the 72 disciples to heal the sick. When they returned, we find that they rightly understood healing the sick and including casting our demons. Notice that their authority over demons was in Jesus’ name, not their own power. These 72 disciples had been trained and now put in practice the three ministries of Jesus. Sharing the gospel of the kingdom, healing the sick and casting out demons.…

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Jesus is the Only Way to God | Luke 10

The fundamental question that every person on this planet must answer in their life is “who is Jesus?” The answer to that question can only be found in God’s Word. Who a person thinks Jesus is, is meaningless if it is incorrect and contrary to the Bible. Many people who claim to be Christian believe in a Jesus of their own invention. …

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Jesus is the Only Way | Luke 10

Jesus said that He was the only way to God, the only way to be saved, the only way to heaven. Yet, many people believe that all religions are ways to God. In fact, the majority of people who claim to be Christians wrongly believe there are many ways to God.

In this message, we look at what Jesus had to say about why He was the only way. To believe in Jesus and truly be a Christian, one must believe in the Jesus of the Bible. One must believe in the Gospel of the kingdom in order to be saved. One cannot believe there are many ways to God and be a Christian.…

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Your Message is the Kingdom | Luke 10

When the disciples entered a town, there were two possible responses. Either the town would receive them and give them hospitality, or it wouldn’t. What were they to do in the towns that received them? They were to bring healing to those who were sick. And where did that healing power come from? They were to tell people that the healing power came from God’s kingdom coming near. We’ll see next Sunday, as we go on in this passage, that the disciples were also casting demons out, as part of their kingdom healing.…

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Your Mission is the Harvest | Luke 10

Jesus had previously sent out the twelve disciples to do the same things that He did. Now, he sends out 72 unnamed disciples, two by two to prepare the way for Jesus’ ministry in the towns He was planning to go to. They were sent out two by two for support and encouragement and safety. As we read this passage, we find that these 72 were to carry out the exact three things that Jesus did. Preaching about the kingdom of God, healing the sick and casting out demons. Jesus gives them further instructions as we go on.…

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