How to Overcome Worry

Worry and stress are at all-time levels in America at this time. The compounded stress of two years of COVID interrupting our lives has taken a toll. Then we have the added stress of the Ukraine war with Russia, inflation, border security, rising crime and political divisions. This stress has resulted in a dramatic increase in alcohol consumption, drug addiction and undesired weight changes.…

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Beware of false teachers.

Watchout for False Teachers | Luke 11

Our world is a battle between God’s truth and Satan’s lies. The church of Jesus Christ teaches the truth about God’s Word and Jesus, who is the truth. Unfortunately, there are many false teachers and prophets in our time. The Scripture warns us to beware the lies of false teachers. In this message, we look at the Bible to help us identify and avoid false teaching of all kinds. False teachers have infiltrated the church, our education system and our government. We must learn to expose the lies of the enemy with the truth of God.…

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