3 secrets for spiritual growth

3 Secrets of Spiritual Growth | Luke 11

Maybe you feel far from God or stuck in a rut in your spiritual growth. In order to grow spiritually, you must first be spiritually alive by believing in Jesus. However, spiritual growth is not automatic.

The lack of spiritual growth is keeping many believers from the blessing that God has for them. If you’re not growing spiritually, you’ll know it. You will sense that something is missing in your life and will desire more of God.

Jesus taught three important secrets for spiritual growth. The first secret is to choose the one thing that is necessary in life. Once you discover that one thing, which is the same for everyone, you will begin to see significant growth.

The third and last secret taught by Jesus is the most profound, but has not been understood by many. Without applying this third secret to your life, you will never reach your full potential in God. To learn more about these three secrets that Jesus taught, watch my message, 3 Secrets for Spiritual Growth.

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