Grow in Family Love

Today, we conclude our message series “Growing a Godly Family.” Our message will be entitled “Grow in Family Love.” In this series, we’ve talked about growing in perseverance, godliness and kindness. Today, we’re going to talk about the importance of love, which really encompasses all the other characteristics we’ve talked about. Love is what really bonds a family …

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Keeping Pure

Keeping Pure

We all see and obey traffic signs everyday: stop signs, red lights, green lights, yellow lights, one-way, do not enter and speed limit signs. Some people think that the signs of just an inconvenience, to be ignored if there are no police cars around. They think that traffic signs just make their life difficult, signs impede …

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Honoring Parents

We need strong families today, because weak families are fragmenting in America at an alarming rate. The average marriage in America lasts 7½ years. Sixty percent of all second marriages fail. Every 30 seconds there is a divorce in America. I don’t want that to happen to you or your family. In fact I don’t just want your …

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Learning To Rest

Currently we’re in a message series called “Building Strong Families.” Although each family is unique, God has principles that apply to every family. When we build our lives and families on God’s principles, our families grow stronger. Today’s society seems to get faster paced every year. Life is getting more complex. Work is getting more stressful for …

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